Location: Queens Park, NSW
Design Architects: Luigi Rosselli, Naoko Nishizu
Project Architect: Luigi Rosselli, Carl Rutherfoord
Joinery: Carl Rutherfoord Architects
Builder: Building With Options (B.W.O.)
Structural Consultant: Charles Blunt of Rooney & Bye (Australia) Pty Ltd Consulting Engineers
Interior Designer: Alexandra Donohoe of Decus
Joiner: Space Joinery
Louvres & wall cladding: JWI Louvres
Awnings: Eclipse Opening Shade Systems
Photography: Justin Alexander & Edward Birch

Situated atop a rugged rock escarpment in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, commanding sweeping vistas of Queens Park and Centennial Park, this cliff-top residence epitomizes the concept of vertical living. Spanning four storeys, with its footprint extending right up to the street boundary, the design seamlessly integrates into the unique topography of the area, earning swift approval from the Waverley Council. Luigi Rosselli Architects skillfully showcased the project’s positive impact on the surrounding public and neighboring properties.

Embracing the challenges posed by its cliff-side location, the design maximizes outdoor living spaces through terraces and balconies, compensating for the lack of a traditional garden at the base of the cliff. Drawing inspiration from the natural rock ledges indigenous to the site and Sydney’s coastal landscapes, the innovative “scissoring” design harmoniously blends with its surroundings.

The western elevation of the house offers unparalleled views of the city skyline and the majestic Blue Mountains, framed by the lush greenery of the gully and neighboring parks. Thoughtfully integrated balcony projections, louvres, and shutters effectively mitigate the heat from the western sun. Every habitable room benefits from external sun protection measures, ensuring optimal comfort without the need for air conditioning. Through vertical living principles, strategic shading devices, and meticulous material selection, this residence stands as a testament to sustainable design and harmonious integration with nature.