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Shiplap House

Location: Vaucluse, NSW
Council: Woollahra Council
Design Architects: Chenchow Little
Project Architects: Tony Chen & Stefanie Little
Project Manager: RJC Group – Rod Cashion
Builder: Building With Options Pty Ltd
Joiner: BWO Fitout
Structural Consultant: PMI Engineers
Hydraulic Engineer: ITM Designs
Windows: Evolution Windows
Metal Roofing/Cladding: Traditional Metal Roofing
Exterior: Building With Options Pty Ltd
Photography: Prue Ruscoe

Perched atop a headland ridge, the Shiplap House stands resilient against the elements, exposed to intense sunlight, salty air, and oceanic winds. Evolving with the changing character of its suburb, which has seen a shift from coastal plantings and weathered fisherman’s cottages to exotic gardens and imposing masonry structures, this dwelling nods to its heritage while embracing modernity.

Its façade, adorned with crisp white timber boarding reminiscent of traditional fishing cottages, pays homage to the area’s history. Constructed with a distinctive reverse veneer technique, the house maintains comfortable interior temperatures year-round, shielding occupants from the harsh external conditions. Carefully positioned openings within the façade capture breathtaking views of the harbor while preserving privacy amidst closely spaced neighboring houses. Ventilation panels flanking each window facilitate natural airflow, while whimsical sun shading awnings add a touch of playfulness to the exterior.

Nestled within an indigenous garden, the Shiplap House harmoniously integrates with its surroundings, blending contemporary design with the natural beauty of endemic plantings.