Lennox Street

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Location: Mosman, NSW
Council: Mosman, NSW
Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Project Architect: Mark Langman, Daniel Nunez
Landscape Architect: Myles Baldwin Design
Structural Consultant: Build Environment Collective (formerly Geoff Nines Fong & Partners)
Interior Designer: Vivienne Hannigan @vivhannigandesign
Builder: Building With Options Pty Ltd
Joiner: Alice Lane Furniture Pty Ltd
Photography: Prue Roscoe

The ample expanse of the garden readily accommodated these new structures, resulting in a harmonious and exquisite balance between the revitalized house and its verdant surroundings. With picturesque vistas from within the home overlooking the serene greenery and equally captivating views from outdoors towards the architectural marvel, one might easily mistake it for a modern-day Garden of Eden.

Meticulously crafted landscapes by Landscape Architect, Myles Baldwin, are elegantly framed by slender steel windows, complemented by sophisticated furnishings handpicked by owner and Interior Designer, Vivienne Hannigan. Surrounding the house are majestic subtropical palms, olive trees, and ornamental flora, their reflections shimmering in the azure waters of the swimming pool.

Each room on the ground floor seamlessly integrates with the garden, seamlessly blending European elegance with the outdoor ‘jardin’ through expansive windows adorned with sheer curtains and shutters. Even the gym space, with its refined transformation within a garden pavilion featuring ‘boiseries’ and parquet flooring, exudes an air of sophistication, juxtaposed with its utilitarian equipment.

In this symphony of design, the architecture of this home graciously complements the serene virtuosity of the landscape and interior design, akin to the supportive role of a cello in a Schubert trio.