Location: Alexandria NSW
Builder: Building With Options (B.W.O.)
Interior Designer: Jane Zarfati
Joiner:Building With Options (B.W.O.)

Our focus is on crafting indoor learning environments that foster personalized learning experiences and promote holistic development among children. By strategically dividing the indoor space into distinct learning areas and integrating a creative expression program, our aim is to cultivate dynamic environments that ignite curiosity, stimulate imagination, and encourage exploration.

We specialize in designing and constructing indoor environments that feature multiple learning spaces, each uniquely tailored to cater to diverse activities and interests. These spaces are meticulously crafted with adaptability in mind, ensuring seamless adjustments to accommodate varying learning objectives and activities.

At Jane’s Place Childcare Centre, our construction services are underpinned by a steadfast commitment to excellence in early childhood education. Through the creation of indoor environments characterized by versatile learning spaces and enriched by creative expression programs, we aspire to empower children to develop their strengths, nurture their abilities, and explore their interests under the guidance of their teachers. Through collaborative efforts, innovative approaches, and an unwavering dedication to quality, we contribute to the establishment of nurturing and inspiring environments where children can flourish and realize their fullest potential.