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Location: Woollahra, NSW
Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Project Architect: Sean Johnson
Interior Designer: Sean Johnson & Client
Builder: Building With Options Pty Ltd
Structural Consultant: Rooney & Bye Pty Ltd
Joiner: Kitchen Trend Pty Ltd
Landscaper: Butler & Webb Pty Ltd
Photography: Justin Alexander, Sean Johnson

This Chester Street terrace exemplifies how even on a modest site, it’s possible to accommodate a spacious home featuring three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a guest flat, a garage, and an open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area, all without compromising on essential amenities like a study, dressing room, laundry, balcony, light wells, and two charming courtyards. The architects’ ingenuity in space optimization was driven by the necessity to make the most of the limited area available.

Inspired by Adolf Loos’ concept of “Raumplan,” where each room interlocks Tetris-style within strict wall boundaries and council regulations, the design seamlessly integrates split levels to adapt to the site’s slope.

Three compact storeys are positioned at the front of the house, while two taller storeys, housing a living room and a light well, are located at the rear.

Between the main house and the studio/garage at the back lies a second courtyard, providing an open space for family gatherings, children’s playtime, and the pleasure of harvesting from the olive tree and using the barbecue and outdoor wood-burning fireplace.

Designed with a film director’s discerning eye in mind, the residence boasts meticulous planning and captivating imagery. Unique touches like the fish scale brass screen on the stair balustrade and the luxurious powder room tucked under the stairs elevate the design beyond the ordinary. Drawing inspiration from the Michelin Man and Irish furniture designer Eileen Gray, even the dining seat is a testament to the home’s sophisticated aesthetic and thoughtful craftsmanship.